Happiness in Transportation

June 14th, 2017 by Voice of Vashon

Vashon E-Bike and Voice of Vashon hosted this GreenTech Night at the Vashon Theatre, June 13, 2017.

Traffic congestion, ferry lines and the costs of driving a car into the city make it hard to believe there can be happiness in transportation. By considering alternative modes –like human powered, with or without electric assistance –these stresses can melt away. Zach Krapfl, bike industry engineer and Tedx veteran, will share his knowledge and passion for electric bicycles and how they can become a primary source of transportation-good for your health, the planet and your wallet.

Interesting transportation facts:

  • People drive 3 trillion miles in the US each year
  • There are 253 million cars on the road
  • 55% of trips are 10 miles or less
  • For a Vashon commuter who works in Seattle four days per week and the commute is 10 miles per day, the cost for fuel & ferry per year- small car $2,878.76; typical car- $3,546.92 & e-bike $830.99 (this does not take into account parking costs).

About Vashon e-Bike
Vashon E-Bike is an electric bicycle shop on Vashon, offering e-bike rentals, tours and sales. Offering eco-friendly activities for islanders and visitors alike; Vashon E-Bike, Vashon Watersports and Vashon Adventures believe in exploring the outdoors responsibly.

VoV Station Manager, Susan McCabe says, “Voice of Vashon joins Vashon E-Bike in supporting responsible, healthy transportation. E-bikes are a great fit for this island community which continues to be a laboratory for earth-saving ideas.”