Stephanie Keller and Anna Waldman ~ Neighborcare School-based Clinic

March 4th, 2019 by Peggy Rubens-Ellis and Woody Pollock

If you have been wondering how we were lucky enough to have a school-based health clinic and what exactly they provide, listen in as Peggy and Woody chat with Stephanie Keller, clinic manager and Anna Waldman, mental health therapist with Neighborcare Health’s school-based clinic.  Anna and Stephanie talk about how the school-based clinic was funded and all the amazing services they offer—everything from sports physicals to dental care.  We also talk about access, confidentiality, and youth taking ownership of health.

Anna shares a simple but powerful tip about connecting to your teenager.

To make an appointment with Neighborcare or find out more, call Stephanie Keller at 206-548-7550