The Klatch ~ 5.25.2021 ~ DomesticViolence

May 25th, 2021 - Posted in

Today we have a very special guest. Heidi Jackson, Executive Director of DOVE, will join us. We will discuss domestic violence, what it means, how it appears here and in other places, and how it affects us as a society. . Please join us for this important episode.

The Klatch ~ 5.11.2021 ~ Communication

May 11th, 2021 - Posted in

Meta-talking about . . . Talking The Klatch invites you for an hour of table talk. Please join Heidi Skryzpek, Susan McCabe, and Linda Nygaard as they delve into subjects we all might think about but maybe don’t say out loud. Along the way, some humor will pop, too. (They can’t help it.) This week, […]

The Klatch ~ 4.27.2021

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The Klatch ~ 4.13.2021

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The Klatch ~ 3.23.2021 ~ Boobs!

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My Eyes Are Up Here! You’ll want to catch The Klatch this week to see what all the talk is about – this new show has already received some great reviews from far away listeners, as well as some of you on Vashon. During The Klatch’s 4th episode, Linda Nygaard, Heidi Skryzpek and Susan McCabe […]

The Klatch ~ 3.09.2021

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The Klatch ~ 2.23.2021

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The Klatch ~ 2.9.2021 ~ Debut!

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