A Conversation with Vashon Center for the Arts

June 21st, 2018 by Jeff & Cindy Hoyt

Lynann Politte & Kevin Hoffberg of VCA, silhouetted against the paving of Vashon Highway, happening outside the studio door all morning.

This morning’s conversation with Vashon Summer Arts Fest producer Lynann Politte and VCA Executive Director Kevin Hoffberg has been scheduled for a month. It just so happened that it happened the day after Wednesday’s extensive Beachcomber article (by Elizabeth Shepherd) regarding the $6 million trust that was dissolved in 2014 that was thought to be spent as an operations reserve.
After Lynann lays out the details regarding the festival (it’s huge!), Jeff & Cindy asked Kevin about the article (happens around the 19:15 mark, for your listening convenience). All of this conversation happened against a backdrop of having Vashon Highway paved just five feet from the studio door.