Alex Craighead ~ The Shape of a Circle Journeymen

January 28th, 2019 by Peggy Rubens-Ellis and Woody Pollock

Alex Craighead

Peggy and Woody talk with Alex Craighead about Journeymen, an organization that tackles the unspoken rules of masculinity with mentorship circles, rites of passage nature journeys, and father/son events.    Alex tells us how he and his childhood friend founded the organization and what they hope to achieve:  a world where boys and men can experience a wide range of emotions.   We talk about ongoing circles in schools and the way it builds connection and authenticity, the Hero’s Journey, and Alex’s own personal journey as a seemingly well adjusted youth with inner turmoil.

This episode is of interest to anyone who works with or interacts with boys.   Journeymen’s school programs are currently just on Vashon Island, but rites of passage journeys and father/son events are available to all.



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