Glory, Glory, Vanish

October 24th, 2020 by Vashon Repertory Theater

The cast of Glory, Glory, Vanish rehearse on the VCA stage. Directed by Bryan Willis.

Glory, Glory, Vanish
by Eva Suter
The questions of Where are We Going? And Where are We Now? Become moot as three sailors drift upon the sea, upon their musings and the buoy of macho buffoonery.
Directed by Bryan Willis
Eric- Brian Tyrrell
Lief- Mik Kuhlman
Red- Rowin Breaux

Sound Effects by students from the Academy of International Education:
Hisayuki Sugiyama
Yoshifumi Yabe
Takuya Masutani
Yuto Yawata
Yamato Yokono
Haruka Kusumoto
Hina Kumoo

More Sound Effects by Michael Golen-Johnson, Amy Broomhall, Gabriel Dawson
Stage Manager – Susan McCabe

Special thanks to Vashon Center for the Arts and their fabulous crew for their help.