Own Your Intuition ~ Episode 13 ~ Are you empathic? How to tell

November 10th, 2022 by Aimée Cartier

Wonderfully “empath” is a word that is common in our lexicon these days. 20 years ago when I discovered that I was one—I didn’t know there was a name for it. On today’s episode, you’ll hear the story of that fateful spring day in the early 2000’s. You’ll also hear a list of around 35 qualities that most empaths have—so if you think you are one, or you just wonder what the heck it is, or if you want to understand someone in your life who you suspect is empathic— today’s episode is for you.

We’ll talk about:

– What does empathic mean? 

– The difference between empathy and empathic

– How to know if you are an empath/35 Empath Characteristics

– The fateful spring day when I discovered I was one


Show Notes

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 Article, “It’s Okay to Feel. Really, Go Ahead And Cry And Be Angry: It’s Good For You

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