REALTalk ~ Health Care on Vashon

July 21st, 2020 by Susan McCabe

It’s a given that health care is a national problem nationwide amplified by the COVID -19 pandemic. Here on Vashon Island, it’s been a problem since before the pandemic. In 2019, voters elected a Healthcare District Commission of five brave islanders charged with using tax dollars to solve the problems of vanishing providers and inadequate coverage.

Recognizing the enormity of their charge, those smart commissioners hired a Superintendent with experience at this stuff. He is Eric Jensen, who comes to Vashon with 30 years’ experience as a health care CEO, 24 of those years in rural public hospital districts like ours. He may even have a cape.

Tune in to find out as host Susan McCabe talks with Health District Superintendent Eric Jensen about what’s next for health care on our Islands.  It’s sure to be REAL.