REALTalk – West McLean and the Vashon Remembrance Project

October 5th, 2021 by Susan McCabe

Treyvon Martin got to be 17 for 21 days before he was shot by a racist “community watch patrolman.” Treyvon’s portrait is one of 26 created and mounted prominently throughout Vashon by Island artist West McLean (not his real name). West is an artist, activist, media creator and founder of the Vashon Remembrance Project, portraits of victims of police violence. As his bio says, “Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all his traditions, ever reminding him to place principles above personalities.” West will join host Susan McCabe this week to discuss his motivation and the process behind the Remembrance Project including his other artistic campaigns — Civil Rights Icons, Marijuana is OK Now, Missing Women of Color and Killed by Law Enforcement. All are displayed on his website: Tune in. It doesn’t get much more REAL than this.

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