Strawberry Festival Booths

May 12th, 2023 by Jeff Hoyt

That rumbling you hear in the distance is the fast-approaching Strawberry Festival, July 14 through 16, and the Chamber of Commerce has a fantastic vendor lineup coming together. Continuing in the Festival tradition of For Vashon By Vashon, they will also be welcoming carefully selected off-Island vendors to round out the experience, including a few selected food vendors to broaden the Festival palette. And the Chamber wants you to know that it has room for all Islanders who wish to participate, but the deadline is May 15th. After that there will be a $25 admin fee, and booth applications will close permanently on June 1st. So, don’t wait, avoid late fees and apply for your Festival booth now by going to – and here I will pause for a moment to let you get pencil and paper…. Okay, here’s where you go to apply for your Festival booth: You got that? Okay, one more time: This has been a Voice of Vashon Public Service Announcement, See You at the Strawberry Festival.

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