The Klatch – Valentines Day

February 14th, 2023 by The Klatch

Curious About Fire?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

As is their custom, Linda Nygaard, Susan McCabe, and Jennifer Potter have some surprising and interesting, sometimes personal, stories to tell you about this auspicious celebration. Far from chubby cupid shooting arrows, Valentine’s Day is blood red with history’s truth. Those fancy gifts you love to give and receive on Valentine’s Day? Precious and thoughtful, what exactly ARE they? Lacy undies? Red roses? Chocolates? There’s more to this gift giving ritual than you know! Wizardry and seduction play into Valentine’s Day, too. And what about “Galentine’s Day” (term borrowed from “The Office” tv show) where just the girls take care of the other girls? How do men really feel about Valentine’s Day? Is there a difference among male/female honoring of the day? Tune in. You’ll be surprised and entertained. Promise.