Vashon Summer Nights

May 12th, 2023 by Jeff Hoyt

The Chamber of Commerce has some very cool plans for the coming Vashon Summer Nights. The idea is, on every First Friday between June 2nd and September 1st, Vashon Highway will be closed to traffic between Subway and the Theatre. A couple of things come to mind here. The Chamber has heard from a few vendors who would like to set up a tent on the main highway, and the Chamber is totally cool with that, although not in any formal way. So if you want to set up a tent it’s totally on you to get in touch ASAP with Amy at And folks are asking about music. Of course they are, and the Chamber welcomes anyone who’d like to make music uptown to find a place to plug in (with permission) and help to make the streets come alive. So, tents for vendors: Music makers: find a spot and work it out. Everything’s good. This has been a Voice of Vashon public service announcement, First Friday Fun Department.