Support VoV’s Old Man Winter Campaign

Old Man Winter has reared his cranky head…  but he will not get the best of us!We all know this: More dark days are ahead. A La Niña winter has arrived.  All around the region, COVID-19 has hit record levels.

During these days of lock-downs, isolation and uncertainty, Voice of Vashon provides islanders with a continuous connection to our island community. For some who live alone, VoV may be the only familiar voice they hear all day.

For more than a decade, Voice of Vashon’s volunteer Emergency Alert Team has been watching out for you every hour, every day, every week, all year. We are here for you—now more than ever. We want to keep giving you that vital information that keeps you and your family safe and connects you to our wonderful village of Vashon.

Because That’s What We Do!