GiveBIG 2021!

Help Us Be Your Island Connection

During this lonely time of isolation, you really need to feel connected. Voice of Vashon has been there for you…a constant connection to daily updates of accurate information on the pandemic that has come to our island paradise. We give you live, on-air tips on how to keep you and your family safe. We’ve kept you connected with details of what’s open and closed. Our Emergency Alert System brings you the daily Situation Reports from the Emergency Operations Center. 


What VoV Does

We broadcast the virtual Town Hall briefings where our community gets questions answered.   We’ve even hosted virtual sing-alongs and dance parties to just help you feel better…a little more connected…a little less lonely.

Now we ask you to connect back to us. This COVID-19 mess has hit everyone really hard, including Voice of Vashon. We’re keeping everything going but it is not easy and we need your help. We think we’ll come up 20% short this year, way below our normal budget.

Problem is, we run very lean. We don’t have any way to make that up except through your support.  GiveBIG is more important than ever this year. Early giving has already started so you can make your connection right now, no need to wait for the official days on May 4th and 5th. Keep your local source of crucial information on COVID-19 up and running.

Please donate now. And this year a generous donor is matching your gift one-to-one. Every dollar you give is worth two dollars, a doubly powerful time to help us continue as your Island Connection!

VoV is Vashon’s GiveBIG Hub o’ Luv

VoV is the non-profit that supports all other non-profits. We host participating Island non-profits on the air to tell their stories during our special GiveBIG Hub broadcast on KVSH 101.9FM Tuesday May 4 and Wednesday May 5.

Tune In Tuesday May 4 and
Wednesday May 5 and Give BIG!

Donate To VoV ~ Your Island Connection



Tuesday, May 4

9:15 am Vashon Center for the Arts
9:30 Vashon Island Growers Assoc
9:45 Vashon Schools Foundation
10:15 Alliance for Tompotika Conservation
10:30 Vashon Community Care
10:45 Zero Waste 
11:15 Sisterhood 
11:30 Mukai Farm and Garden 
11:45 Vashon Food Bank 
12:15pm Backbone Campaign 
12:30 Vashon Community Scholarship Foundation 
12:45 Vashon Senior Center 
1:15 Vashon Youth and Family Services 
1:30 Journeymen 
1:45 VIPP 
2:15 The Vashon Dove Project 
2:30 Burn Lab   
2:45 Vashon Events 
3:15 Harbor School 
3:30 Vashon Maury Island Community Council 
3:45 Take A Stand Theatre 4:00 UMO

Wednesday, May 5

9:30am VashonBePrepared
9:45 Vashon Wilderness Program 
10:15 Vashon Friends of the Library 
10:30 Vashon Partners In Education 
10:45  Vashon Household  
11:15 Vashon Island Visual Artists 
11:30 Drama Dock 
11:45 Whole Vashon Project 
12:15 Vashon Repertory Theatre 
12:30 Vashon Nature Center  
12:45 The Old Goats Home & Rescue 
1:15 Open Space for Arts and Community 
1:30 Vashon Heritage Museum 
1:45 Rjs Kids 
2:15 VARSA
2:30 Vashon Maury Island Land Trust
2:45 Vashon Care Network
3:00 Vashon Rowing Club
3:30 Stories of Arrival: Refugee & Immigrant Poetry Project