Re-Entry – Life After Incarceration

As part of its efforts to acknowledge and address racism on Vashon and beyond, the island’s Showing Up for Racial Justice group will host a discussion next weekend about incarceration and systemic racism in the criminal justice system.


COVID Update 1.21.2022

News from VashonBePrepared ~ COVID Update EditionNoticias de VashonBePrepared ~ Edición de Actualización en COVID#18 – Friday, January 21, 2022· Get Free Home Test Kits: Federal Direct or Cost-Covered by Insurance· MRC Appeals for Community Contact Tracing Help· Tracing Important for the School/Community Infection Connection· Vaccination for 12+ Youth at School: Thursday, January 27th· Island […]

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COVID Update 1.7.2022

COVID Update Edition • Edición de Actualización en COVID Vashon Disease Spike ContinuesVashon is still ... Read more

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VoV Tech Team
If Rick Wallace can climb that tower, I can give more!
Thank You,
~ Cathy, Vashon, WA
Commenting on Rick and our fearless tech team repairing the broadcast equipment.

Dedication Show
Thank you, Tara. This is a wonderful show.  I’m so glad to know how to find this on the world wide web.  The wonderful and amazing creativity, self-possession, and care that are hallmarks of Vashon are on full display; not to mention the amazing musical taste. Thanks again for doing it, sharing it and spreading IT! The good stuff.
~ Anthony, Vashon, WA 

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Alternative Vashon #93

Classic Alternative Rock live from Bill’s garage on beautiful Vashon Island! This week: Radiohead plays live in the Alt Vashon Garage Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers stops by for a chat The Long Lost Song is from 2000 Killer Tracks from: Smashing Pumpkins Arctic Monkeys Talking Heads Nine Inch Nails Foo Fighters

Atmospheric Rivers ~ Session Musicians

In this episode, Atmospheric Rivers pays tribute to the humble session musician, that behind-the-scenes hero who has made some of the greatest recorded music in history possible. We’ll hear a variety of sessions in which these seemingly anonymous players made their mark, sometimes even eclipsing the performers whom they were hired to support. These will […]

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