Re-Entry – Life After Incarceration

As part of its efforts to acknowledge and address racism on Vashon and beyond, the island’s Showing Up for Racial Justice group will host a discussion next weekend about incarceration and systemic racism in the criminal justice system.


Update 8.5.2022

News from VashonBePrepared •Noticias de VashonBePreparedPublished by the Vashon Emergency Operations Center#46 – Friday, August 5, 2022 COVID Isolation: When Is It Okay to Emerge?Omicron Vaccine Tune-Up: September TimingFor the Truly Immunocompromised: EvusheldExpanded Telehealth Options for AllThat Was Not the Last Heat Wave: Heat Health Action StepsLatest Vashon COVID Statistics Aislamiento por COVID: ¿Cuándo está […]

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Update 7.28.2022

News from VashonBePrepared • Noticias de VashonBePrepared  #45 – Friday, July 29, ... Read more


Saturday July 23 at 10:45AM Livestream will be at: Read more


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Alternative Vashon
Hey Bill Reid,
You continue to do a great job with Alternative Vashon! I love the hour slot and makes me feel like Im back in the 90s again. Love that I can stream the ones I missed while driving home from work.
Keep it up Bill!
~ Dave L

Boogie Back To Texas
Hello Geoff,
You’ve delivered some sunshine to me in the midst of the cold northeast winter here! I love the concept and meaning of the Fletchie Awards and I’m honored to receive one for Salvation.
I’ll look forward to clicking on that link and hearing your show. Thank you so much!
~ Cindy Cashdollar, Woodstock, NY

VoV Tech Team
If Rick Wallace can climb that tower, I can give more!
Thank You,
~ Cathy, Vashon, WA
Commenting on Rick and our fearless tech team repairing the broadcast equipment.

Dedication Show
Thank you, Tara. This is a wonderful show.  I’m so glad to know how to find this on the world wide web.  The wonderful and amazing creativity, self-possession, and care that are hallmarks of Vashon are on full display; not to mention the amazing musical taste. Thanks again for doing it, sharing it and spreading IT! The good stuff.
~ Anthony, Vashon, WA 

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