Re-Entry – Life After Incarceration

As part of its efforts to acknowledge and address racism on Vashon and beyond, the island’s Showing Up for Racial Justice group will host a discussion next weekend about incarceration and systemic racism in the criminal justice system.

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Update #126 Friday, February 23, 2024

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Update #125 Friday, February 16, 2024

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Boogie Back To Texas
Good morning, Geoffrey!
How wonderful, thank you for spinning two of my songs on your New-themed show!
WOWZA!! Thank you to you and your chief critic, constant listener and long time spouse for making my day!
Thank you for your kindness and for lifting my spirits!
Beth Wood
- Songwriter, poet, joyful singer
Sisters, OR

Thank You For Alerts
We are elders here on Vashon and really appreciate all that you do to bring us important information about storms, power outages and ferry woes.
Tuned in on Burma Road

Veterans Day Show
Hello Voice of Vashon,
I just wanted to sincerely, thank you for the wonderful Veterans Day show. It was so fitting to play music for our veterans and to learn more about them through the music and the stories.
Thank you!
Nina Milligan
Vashon Island

Great Thursday Morning Scramble!
Your Newport Pop Festival broadcast today was awesome! It brought back great memories of the concert and of listening to rock during the 60s. It was extra fun listening to the trivia you researched regarding the different groups. As an aside, I missed the Airplane at Newport but saw them at a concert in San Bernardino 1967. They were terrible. The cover band was far superior. It was obvious Grace Slick, and possibly other band members, were stoned Thanks again for the great show. It made my week.

Greetings from Greece!
I was an Everett and Seattle resident back in the late 70s and early to mid 80s. It's so good to see community radio flourishing as it has been with KVSH-LP 101.9 FM which I am listening to at the moment. I would really love to get a chance one day to visit Vashon Island although I reside quite far away for many years now.
Thanks and keep up all the good local work and contribution!!!
~ Argyris Kalamaras, Athens, Greece

Craig and Mike,
Absolutely amazing shows. Love the facts you guys have behind the artist and the music. See you both next month.
Thanks for the play. The two of you guarantee a big smile and allot of laughs. Craig, watch out for drones Weds with all your birthday gifts coming in from Amazon.
Monique 💛🌼💛🌼

I tuned into this afternoon's REALTalk (aptly named) segment and found the discussion and sharing to not only be informative but inspiring.
As always, Susan McCabe facilitated the conversation with insightful questions and things to talk about. Each of the guests from the Black Prisoners Caucus - Grady Mitchell, Willie Nobles, and Cyril Walrond - seemed to be so open with their experiences before, during, and after having long prison sentences. Their current collaborative work is certainly something to be lauded.
So big thanks to Susan, her guests, and the VOV for providing this important listen.
~ Toni Doane, Vashon Island

Alternative Vashon
Hey Bill Reid,
You continue to do a great job with Alternative Vashon! I love the hour slot and makes me feel like Im back in the 90s again. Love that I can stream the ones I missed while driving home from work.
Keep it up Bill!
~ Dave L

Boogie Back To Texas
Hello Geoff,
You’ve delivered some sunshine to me in the midst of the cold northeast winter here! I love the concept and meaning of the Fletchie Awards and I’m honored to receive one for Salvation.
I’ll look forward to clicking on that link and hearing your show. Thank you so much!
~ Cindy Cashdollar, Woodstock, NY

VoV Tech Team
If Rick Wallace can climb that tower, I can give more!
Thank You,
~ Cathy, Vashon, WA
Commenting on Rick and our fearless tech team repairing the broadcast equipment.

Dedication Show
Thank you, Tara. This is a wonderful show.  I’m so glad to know how to find this on the world wide web.  The wonderful and amazing creativity, self-possession, and care that are hallmarks of Vashon are on full display; not to mention the amazing musical taste. Thanks again for doing it, sharing it and spreading IT! The good stuff.
~ Anthony, Vashon, WA 

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