Inspired Island ~ Stacey Hinden

June 20th, 2019 by Grace McRae

Stacey Hinden

In this episode, we meet Stacey Hinden! As director of the Vashon Wilderness Program, Stacey is passionate about connecting people to the natural world and to themselves. A native New Yorker, Stacey describes what it was like to move from the Big Apple to Vashon Island. When she arrived here, Stacey was inspired by a program once run by the Wilderness Awareness School (WAS). But when WAS could no longer serve Vashon, Stacey and others stepped up to create what is now the Vashon Wilderness Program. Stacey discusses the theory behind “coyote mentoring,” the many benefits of connecting with nature, and why she loves Vashon.