Stirring The Pot ~ Pre-Christmas

December 7th, 2021 by Linda Nygaard

Holiday food, traditions and more
Oh come all ye faithful! Faithful listeners, that is.
Please pull up a chair and join Linda Nygaard and Tom Conway as they chat and hoot their way through Stirring the Pot. This week, we’ll explore all things holiday food and history. We will have some Christmas and we will have some Hannukah. We’ll share holiday traditions we like and loathe. Some we leave behind and some we bring along. Marking the holidays with new traditions is our path toward different cultures, different recipes, and different ideas about what it all means. You’ll learn new recipes and some folklore behind them. You will take away ideas for Vashon-centric gifts. We also have some personal stories you’ll enjoy—if we are brave enough to tell them. Please join us!