The Klatch ~ 8.24.2021 ~ Turning The Tables

August 10th, 2021 by Linda Nygaard, Heidi Skryzpek, and Susan McCabe


This week, Linda Nygaard, Heidi Skryzpek, and Susan McCabe invite you to hear some colorful and difficult stories on The Klatch. With all the current upheaval in our culture as well as in other cultures world-wide, The Klatch is going to tackle some difficult subjects in this episode. They will talk about women– some single, some married, some isolationist, some society driven. There is a mystique and misunderstandings in our society about strippers and sex workers, and they will have some first hand information on how all that works for women AND men! And they’ll talk about a famous woman root beer maker. As always, they are featuring interesting women doing interesting things with their lives and work.