Voice of Vashon’s Alert System


Voice of Vashon’s Alert System gives you the information you need when an emergency strikes the island. Power outages. Storm warnings. Earthquakes. Road closures. Even disruptions in ferry service. Our volunteer crew is on the job 24-7, monitoring regional information sources, posting bulletins and taking to the airwaves to let you know what’s happening on Vashon and what you need to do to take care of yourself and your family.

004-01-b_PowerOut004-01-d_AlertTeam004-01-c_RescueShould a disaster strike, we’ll work around the clock to provide invaluable information: Have emergency shelters been set up? How can you access medical aid? What about potable water, food and other critical supplies?

We’re also there for you in minor emergencies, when weather disrupts services. We’ll let you know which parts of the island have been hit by power outages and when repair crews are scheduled to arrive. We’ll give you weather updates, road advisories and school closure information.

How can a small crew of community volunteers provide so much vital information? Thanks to years of networking with emergency responders, we have working relationships with all the key players in the region – Vashon Island Fire & Rescue, Washington State Ferries, Vashon Be Prepared, the King County Roads Division, Puget Sound Energy and more. No wonder, then, that VoV has become the community’s go-to source for emergency news on Vashon.

So listen right here or listen over the air to 1650AM, our emergency broadcast station. Watch for the blinking lights on the fire danger signs at four locations around the Island let you know when we’ve posted an alert bulletin. Or keep an eye on VashonAll, a community-wide email listserve where we post bulletins directing you to 1650AM or our website for more information.

We’ve got you covered. Tune in or log on to get the news you need when an emergency strikes!

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