Stay Safe and Informed

Get  important information from Voice of Vashon’s Emergency Alert System on this page and in these ways:

1650 AM
When you see the blinking lights on the fire danger signs at four locations around the Island, you’ll know we’ve posted an alert bulletin. Then tune in 1650AM at home, on you car radio or VoV app.

Emergency Alerts by Email
Sign up for email alerts here.

Watch for alerts on VoV’s Facebook page.

VoV App
With our free smart phone app, you can tune into KVSH 101.9FM and 1650 Alerts anywhere there’s cell service or wi-fi. Stay safe, informed and entertained even when the power goes out.


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“I’d like to thank Voice of Vashon for keeping the island informed and up to date with important news and other information. You’ve saved me from waiting on a canceled PO Boat, driving on a closed road and helped me be prepared for inclement weather more times than I can count!” ~ Grace

Learn more about the VoV Alert System.

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