Dementia Series

Exploring Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease

In this series of episodes of “ISABLED” Dr. Brad. Tyson will respond to questions on dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease from Dr. Nourse.

Dr. Steve Nourse specializes in Special Education and Social Work issues of persons with physical, mental, and sensory disabilities.  He holds a master’s in social work and a Doctorate in Special Education.

Dr. Brad Tyson is a neuropsychologist at the Evergreen Medical Center, part of the Eastside Neuroscience Institute along with Overlake Medical Center in Bellevue. They provide neurological services to the eastside of Lake Washington. They have a Parkinson’s disease center, multiple sclerosis center, epilepsy center, stroke service, neurosurgery, and clinical neuropsychology. A Clinical Neuropsychologist evaluates cognition, emotion, and behavior as it relates to brain functioning and disease states. And my specialty, at this point in my career, is probably dementia.