HeadSets is a 2-hour music session, hosted by Jon Schroeder, with various guests and creative audio segments interspersed occasionally into the show.

The music sets draw from an extensive library and knowledge of popular and lesser-known music, and are assembled with intent, emphasizing influences, similar themes, and progressions of musical styles between various genres. Host breaks are informative and casual, highlighting these musical threads and providing interesting information about the artists. Occasionally, in-studio guests provide additional perspective on the music and add to the show’s dynamic.

Short creative audio segments also find their way into the show from time to time. These are works that can combine spoken word, eclectic sound sources, and original electronic compositions to create a “Black Box” radio theatre experience.

HeadSets is fun, unexpected, and presents a great 2 hours of listening pleasure each Thursday at 8PM – hope to find you there!