Own Your Intuition ~ Episode 10 ~ Communicating with your beloved departeds, i.e. your dead friends and relatives

October 14th, 2022 by Aimée Cartier

I’m not trying to scare you here but the dead can hear you.  As any psychic medium will tell you they are actually still around.  Some people are more sensitive to this than others and can see, hear, or sense the deceased more easily—but no matter who you are– if you want to speak to your beloveds who have passed you can.  They will get the message. And I promise it doesn’t have to be or feel scary.  On this week’s Own Your Intuition show we’ll be talking about communication with your “beloved departeds” otherwise known as your deceased relatives and friends and how you might expect to hear from them.

Show Notes
Tonight’s talk : “Let’s Talk About Ghosts/Spirit Guides.”
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