REALTalk ~ Greg Wessel & Mark Hickling On Climate Change

July 23rd, 2019 by Susan McCabe

Greg Wessel And Mark Hickling

Whodathunk a bunch of geoscientists would get together to talk about Climate Change?  But they did this March in Stockholm, Sweden.  AND, they were organized by Vashon Island’s own Greg Wessel.

Geologist Greg Wessel, who helped create the Geoscience and Society Summit in Stockholm, will join host Susan McCabe to deliver the ideas that bubbled up when he assembled scientists of all stripes in that Swedish city.

VoV Climate Watch producer Mark Hickling, who covered the entire event, will be there to add the reporter’s perspective on this momentous gathering of great minds.  Tune in to find out what scientists are thinking about solutions to the negative effects of Climate Change.  It’s sure to be REAL!

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