REALTalk – Lauri Hennessey On Sexual Harassment

September 7th, 2021 by Susan McCabe

Sexual harassment doesn’t just happen to ‘weak’ or ‘ineffective’ people. And, we’re going to prove that this Tuesday when host Susan McCabe talks with long-time islander Lauri Hennessey. 

Lauri is an accomplished professional in the fields of journalism, community and public relations, non-profits and politics. She’s been a significant and respected player in the Vashon community for years. She’s visiting REALTalk this week because she is a speaker for Humanities Washington, where she will talk about her own experiences dealing with a sexual harassment scandal long ago on Capitol Hill, involving then U.S. Senator Bob Packwood from Oregon, for whom she served as Press Secretary.

Tune in and learn the nuances of sexual harassment even when it’s imposed on powerful individuals. It’s sure to be REAL.