REALTalk ~ Marilyn Cohen ~ Media Literacy

March 24th, 2020 by Susan McCabe

Dr. Marilyn Cohen

The media — enemy of the people or social ombudsmen?  And, that’s just the news media. Technically speaking, the ‘media’ are all those platforms by which we humans obtain information — film, newspapers, television, the Internet, social media, radio and more. With a constant fire hose flow of information, particularly now, it’s critical that we understand how the media are working us. Yet, though the US creates much of the world’s media content, we do not teach media literacy in our schools, as do most other developed countries. Enter Dr. Marilyn Cohen, director of the Northwest Center for Excellence in Media Literacy. Since the 1990s Dr. Cohen has researched the media’s impact on society, and used media literacy as a strategy to address issues from teen pregnancy prevention to nutrition and physical activity. Join host Susan McCabe as Dr. Cohen reveals just how the media can manipulate us…and how we can use it to our advantage. Tune in. It’s sure to be REAL.

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