REALTalk ~ Probiotics for Plants?

July 1st, 2020 by Susan McCabe

Biogester ribbon cutting

We all know probiotics are good for our human guts, but did you know probiotics are good plant food too? No, it’s not time to start pouring yogurt on your zucchini, but it is time to hear about probiotic plant food – created right here on Vashon Island – from Impact BioEnergy’s Srirup Kumar. 

The Vashon Bioenergy Farm team has been working on turning island food “waste” into renewable resources on the Island since 2019, in collaboration with Island Spring Organics, Zero Waste Vashon and Vashon-Maury Land Trust. Their latest product from the waste they’re converting at the tofu plant is PBF: ProBiotic Food for plants. They’ve been giving it away to resiliency growers and will start collecting data on how PBF helps plants live their best lives.

Tune in…It’s sure to be REAL.

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