REALTalk ~ Rondi Lightmark

September 24th, 2019 by Susan McCabe

The news is catching on — our planet is in crisis from climate change, much of it human caused.  Islander Rondi Lightmark is focused on the power of many hearts to fight the negative impacts of climate change, and she’s leading the Vashon community in a unified effort toward that goal.  She calls it The Whole Vashon Project (WVP).  Inspired by the Whole Earth Catalog of the 1970s, The WVP aims to assemble Island businesses, non-profits and individuals in a campaign to set climate action goals for 2020 and beyond.  It’s a model Rondi and her team plan to share with other communities.  The WVP motto is “Standing Up To Climate Change with Creativity & Hope”.  Tune in and get your dose of hope for a cleaner tomorrow.  It’s sure to be REAL.