Linda Summersea compiled the first musical episode regarding her husband’s experience in Vietnam. Each musical selection is divided with narration by Ms. Summersea. She tells a poignant story of the time from when her husband first joined the Army, through boot camp, duty in Vietnam, his return to the United States and his post-transition to American […]

Vietnam Series Part 2 ~ Episode 1

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Vietnam Series ~ Episode 14 ~ Series Finale

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This closing episode has been compiled by Dr. Steve Nourse & Linda Summersea. It is composed of musical selections that were popular to the Vietnam Veterans from the period of 1965 to 1975. Each musical selection is divided with narration by Dr. Nourse Ms. Summersea. All of the narrated pieces are “sound bites” taken from […]

Vietnam Series ~ Episode 13B ~ Joe Roberts

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Joe Roberts was a medic & conscientious objector, and also just happens to be the father of my daughter’s boyfriend. The thoughts he relates in his interview make a great deal of sense regarding civil wars the US has been involved. He served because he felt he had an obligation to his country. He was […]

Lisa Devereau & Eric Ireland were instrumental in coordinating the construction and fund raising for the Vietnam Memorial. This memorial is at Ober Park. It also specifically celebrates the lives of the 12 young men who lived on Vashon Island and were killed in action in Vietnam. I urge the community to visit this memorial.

These three men are all veterans an spend time supporting other local Vashon veterals providing direct service and assistance as well as making sure the veterans are assisted in filling out the necessary papers correctly to get financial and medical support.   The Veteran’s Service Center is open 1-4, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It is […]

Vietnam Series ~ Episode 11 ~ David Watson

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David Watson, shown with his family in Viet Nam, was a friend of mine from Ellensburg. He was a Vietnam era veteran. He moved to Saigon, now Ho Chi Mihn City 14 years ago. He married there and has 4 children. On the day we interviewed his kids were taking piano lessons much like kids […]

Rich Adler and Gary Birka, receiving Silver Stars above, were just kids when they arrived in the Nam with smiles on their faces. Both were presented with many unbelievable images of war. Rick and Gary were both given the Silver Star in a recent ceremony at JBLM for their heroic duty in a battle in […]

Vietnam Series ~ Episode 9B ~ George Nelson

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George Nelson did his service on a Siwft Boaton the Mekong River, Mlong Delta aNmd all the little tributaries. Some were so narrow the boats couldn’t get through without scraping the sides. Another primary mission was to patrol the small san pans for contraband and munitions. Sometimes a mom and pop san pan was loaded […]