Veterans Day Music

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Rocking the Delta & the Highlands Some of the 20th century’s most defining pop music emerged from the period during which the Vietnam War was fought. The sights and sounds of Woodstock intermingled with those of Vietnam, where half a million Americans were fighting at the time, and the Kent State shootings blend into the strains of […]

Vietnam Series 3 ~ Letters ~ Goodnight

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Music and conclusion.  Thoughts from Dr. Steve Nourse, Susan Shrier, Rick Ames, & Mike Dorsey.

“The Wall” The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, commonly called the Vietnam Memorial, is a U.S. national memorial in Washington, D.C., honoring service members of the U.S. armed forces who served in the Vietnam War. The two-acre site is dominated by two black granite walls engraved with the names of those service members who died or remain […]

An interview with Marvin Wolfe, a Vietnam Veteran and author. He discusses his time in Vietnam as well as the “creatures he met in Vietnam and the books he authored.

Mike Dorsey reads a letter from a friend, Bill Adamaitis titled, “Souvenirs from Vietnam, The Day Death Walked With Me.” Bill passed away last year.  He was living in Cambodia at the time. These are his thought of his experience in Vietnam.  As a result of this letter, we are trying to find Mike Morgan […]

Mike Dorsey, a Vietnam Veteran (infantry and a machine-gunner on a Huey) and Chris Gaynor discuss going back to visit familiar places in Vietnam.  They discuss changes.

An interview with Susan Warner-Bean regarding an organization she is involved with titled, “Peace Tree.” She also takes groups of Vietnam Veterans on return visits to Vietnam.

An interview with Susan Warner-Bean regarding an organization she is involved with titled, “Peace Tree.” Peace Tree builds schools, and supports teams in Vietnam who find and diffuse unexploded mines and bombs in Vietnam.

Vietnam Series 3 ~ Letters Episode 7

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Poetry read by Steve Nourse and Susan Shrier.  Also, a reading when students were taken to monuments of World War II. All wars have many similarities.        

Vietnam Series 3 ~ Letters Episode 6

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Paul O’connell wrote a letter to his family almost every day that he was a grunt in Vietnam.  I wrote eighty letters to my family as an eighteen year-old Marine serving in Vietnam during the war. I was reunited with these letters sixteen years later. When I sat and read them, I was blown away […]