Vietnam Series

Steve Nourse hosts part 2 of his series of interviews about Viet Nam vets, following his 14-part radio series on KVSH.

“The 52 Year War In Vietnam Part 2: Those Who Were There Are Still Fighting” is hosted by Dr. Steven W. Nourse as part of his IsAbled series.April 30, 1975 was the official end of the war in Vietnam. But to say it was the end of the war for the 2,700,000 brave Americans and citizens from the many other countries who participated in the war in Vietnam would not be giving them their earned respect. It cannot be said more eloquently than Zack Kreiger, a Vashon Island resident who stated, “War is just plain suffering!”

Steven Nourse, who holds a doctorate in education, is a long-time islander who retired in 2014 from Central Washington University after a long career in education. His Voice of Vashon show, “Isabled,” has a special focus on topics permanent to disabilities.

In his Vietnam series, Steve has collaborated with Linda Summersea. Before moving to the Pacific Northwest, Summersea was a writer for NPR’s “Tales from the South” and the producer of “Artbreak,” an award-winning children’s art program for community access TV. She has also had a long career in art teaching and administration.