When the power is out. When ferries are disrupted. When storms are wreaking havoc on our island. When everything we rely on goes wrong… you can count on VoV’s Emergency Alert Service to tell you when and how it will all be right again.

If you want to be sure 1650 AM is there when you need it, now is the time to provide your support. Make a donation to Voice of Vashon for the Emergency Alert Service at

Or help yourself by buying a couple $10 raffle tickets to win an emergency generator, a BioLite Camp Stove that will charge your phone by burning sticks and leaves or Storm Proof Crank Light & Phone Charger . . . all from Vashon Ace Hardware. You can get those tickets at the Ace Hardware checkout counter or from Voice of Vashon volunteers you’ll see around town.

Santa says those raffle tickets make great stocking stuffers!

Look for Old Man Winter around town and buy your raffle tickets from Old Man Winter sponsor Vashon Ace Hardware or from Voice of Vashon volunteers.