Brown Briefly

Truman O’Brien and Kevin Jones (front), Craig Beles, Brian Brown, and Bruce Haulman (back)

The Brown Briefly stalwarts Bruce Haulman, Kevin Jones, Lynn Carrigan, Truman O’Brien, Michael Shook, Brian Brown, Susan McCabe.


Brian Brown was a thirty-year veteran of Time Magazine in New York where he worked as a writer and editor.  He began the Brown Briefly with the philosophy that “less is more, more or less”.  Since his death in 2020,  his VoV team of “Brieflies” have attempted to live up to his level of humor and insightful observations of current affairs – local, national, and international.  Recently a segment called “Small Talk” has been added to The Brown Briefly where guests are invited to tell us about their work in the community.  Join us each week to hear the latest.

The Brown Briefly is live Tuesdays at 11AM – Noon