The Drew and Mark Show

DrewAndMark1Artwork by Alex Greenler 

The Drew and Mark Show, hosted by Drew Pine (Classic Rock and Beyond) and Mark McCrae-Hokenson (various 91.7 WMCN Macalester College Radio shows), offers up an eclectic mix of palatable music–primarily from both established and emerging independent artists–with a heavy emphasis on music made right here in the Northwest.

With live in-studio performances from musicians and bands active in today’s Seattle music scene, sarcastic banter, and an always-improvised-yet-coherent setlist, your Thursday nights from 7-9pm have transformed into the greatest two-hour stretch of the week. Well, it has for us.


General Mojo’s play an in-studio performance, and their song “Don’t Feed The Birds” is nothing short of incredible.


Here’s Fort Vine’s awesome studio appearance:

New York-based indie rock band Fort Vine joined us for a live in-studio performance on 7/14/2016 in the KVSH studios!