The Rolling Wave

John Daly & Kat Eggleston

John Dally & Kat Eggleston

Rolling Wave is hosted by Kat Eggleston, the legendary folk singer, songwriter and guitarist, and John Dally, a notorious piper.  Both Kat and John have indulged a passion for Traditional folk from all over the world, but especially Trad from the British Isles and Celtic lands, from an early age.  Yeah, they’re nerds.  They call it Hard Trad, with a nod to Hard Country, meaning everything from archive recordings made in the last century to Punks like The Pogues, Revolutionary Rockers like Billy Bragg, classic folk revivalists like Richard Thompson, hard core Traditionalists like the island’s own John Whelan, also known as The Legend.  Expect the weird and wonderful, raucous, occasionally outlandish, the kind of music that is more at home in the Pub than the Faery Glen.  Nothing against faeries or glens.  They like faeries and glens.  It’s dangerous to offend the faeries.  They will have to leave a dram out for the faeries now.