VoV: Serving Vashon Island

A couple of guys with a penchant for radio and a dream of creating a community-owned FM station incorporated Voice of Vashon in 1999. By the time Voice of Vashon became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2001, more than a dozen volunteers had joined the ranks, many of them still actively involved today. Thanks to a long and storied history, we’re now a robust, community-run organization, with an active board, dozens of volunteers and a full schedule of programs. We now have our FM license and KVSH 101.9FM went on the air in October, 2014.
We continue to find new and innovative ways to fulfill our mission – providing media resources that enable islanders to create, produce and distribute locally oriented, community-inspired programming.

How are we doing that?

  • This website makes it possible for you to get everything VoV offers, right here online – even if you don’t have a cable subscription and even if you can’t receive 1650AM at your house. You can listen or watch our programs in real time by live streaming or you can listen or watch at a time of your choosing by checking out our library of on demand programs.
  • We’ve got a web radio station, featuring Island connected music artists and programs produced by community volunteers, like Bill Wood’s The Jazz Guy and Jeff Hoyt’s humorous and lyrical Hoytus Interruptus.
  • We host Channel 21, our public access cable station with local programming focused on Island life, everything from ferry line cameras to Bongo Bob emergency preparedness information, Strawberry Festival parades, community meetings and more.
  • We run a 24/7/365 Emergency Alert Service, bulletins and advisories shared with the community via broadcasts on 1650AM, emails on VashonALL and posts on our Facebook page. And now available in real time via web streaming.

So, after more than a decade of effort, our Island community has woven Voice of Vashon into the very fabric of daily life here on The Rock. Here, you can watch those important community meetings that you missed, find out if the ferry is on time, listen to a high school baseball game or hear a spirited discussion about Vashon’s vibrant arts scene. It’s all here, at VoiceofVashon.org.

Of course, Voice of Vashon couldn’t operate without years of support from our many Island donors, our generous underwriters and foundation grants. So join the fold. Become a voice of Vashon. Donate today, and keep the vision of Island-powered media alive on Vashon.

Voice of Vashon connects our diverse community through a virtual town square to inspire a shared island culture.

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