Become a VoV Underwriter

Broadcast Yourself as a Community Champion!

Join the Voice of Vashon Underwriter community.  Being an underwriter of Voice of Vashon helps you promote your business while showcasing your support of our community.  You are associated with Voice of Vashon’s well-established community benefit, and your sustaining financial support helps us broadcast the web radio station, emergency alerts, & local community access TV.
We have enhanced our Underwriting package, while keeping the cost low. You receive multi-channel promotion, enjoying access across all Voice of Vashon outlets: radio, TV, and our new website.

Voice of Vashon Underwriters receive the following:

  • 15-second audio spot on Web radio, read by a professional VOV announcer, and played several times each programming day.
  • Logo and business info on the home page of our website.
  • Graphical ad and descriptive blurb on continuous crawl on Community Access Television Channel 21.
  • Enthusiastic acknowledgement of your underwriting support at the Strawberry Festival, during VOV parade announcements.

For information or to set up an account, contact Kate Dowling at

Thank you for supporting Island Powered Media!