Home – A Radio Play

We have all spent plenty of time at home lately.
Join us and listen for what home is like from seven diverse perspectives.
Presented Vashon Repertory Theatre live at Vashon Center for the Arts on October 8th, 2020.

Monica Speaking  by Jean Rebbeck
Monica’s love for people clashes with her sales quota at the Home Base Insurance Company…and with her demanding supervisor Breanna. It’s all about numbers verses nurture.
Directed by Charlotte Tiencken
Monica- Tami Brockway Joyce
Breanna- Cate O’Kane
Mom- Jeanne Dougherty
Janyce- Sarah Overman
Jared- Rowin Breaux
Nico- Yuto Yawata

The Reincarnation of Aunt Ratana by Germaine Shames
Kate and Mali, a married gay couple, live happily in a San Diego bungalow with their rescue cat, Mung Bean — until Mali becomes convinced that the feline is the reincarnation of her Aunt Ratana, a family pariah believed to have been a witch.
Directed by Samantha Sherman
Mali- Ming Montgomery
Kate- Emily Bruce
Mung Bean- Mik Kuhlman

The Wind Chimes by Trista Baldwin
The edges of Sara and Tom’s on-paper-perfect life fray under pressure of the pandemic, its restrictions, isolation and way too much togetherness.
Directed by Charlotte Tiencken
Sara- Kate Dowling
Tom- Michael Shook

Glory, Glory, Vanish by Eva Suter
The questions of Where are We Going? And Where are We Now? Become moot as three sailors drift upon the sea, upon their musings and the buoy of macho buffoonery.
Directed by Bryan Willis
Eric- Brian Tyrrell
Lief- Mik Kuhlman
Red- Rowin Breaux

Sound Effects for Glory, Glory, Vanish by students from the Academy of International Education:
Hisayuki Sugiyama
Yoshifumi Yabe
Takuya Masutani
Yuto Yawata
Yamato Yokono
Haruka Kusumoto
Hina Kumoo

The Birds are Feeding Me by Rex McGregor
One person’s pleasure is another’s annoyance and at least one other’s spiritual salvation as three characters express their individual perspectives on the joy – or not — of friendly sparrows.
Directed by Darragh Kennan
Doug- Michael Shook
Kim- Amy Broomhall
Marion- Kat Eggleston

Boy by Chris Eli Blak
An African-American father and son discover the safety of deep love as they work through a surprising revelation together.
Directed by Chris Boscia
Dad- Ronnie Hill
Son- Rowin Breaux

Meals on Wheels by Bill Wood
Nonagenarians, Sylvia and Roger, traverse the road through dementia, its funny and melancholy road bumps, over a single meal that ends with cold bread pudding.
Directed by Charlotte Tiencken
Sylvia- Jeanne Dougherty
Roger- Paul Shapiro
Nancy- Susan McCabe

Sound Effects by Michael Golen-Johnson, Amy Broomhall, Gabriel Dawson
Stage Manager- Susan McCabe

Special thanks to Vashon Center for the Arts and their fabulous crew for their help.