Let’s Get Physical ~ Dr Lauren Chinn

Dr. Lauren Chinn graduated from WWU with a degree in Psychology in 1974.  He then graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in 1977. After graduation he spent two years in a family practice setting, working with his father, Dr. Wilbur Chinn, DO, MD. In 1980 Dr. Chinn went into solo practice, opening his clinic in Burien, where he stayed until his retirement in October of 2021.

In 1995 he opened a second clinic on Vashon Island. He was in practice on the island for 25 years. His practice focused on correction, rehabilitation and prevention, with an emphasis on patient education.    

His goal was to give his patients the guidance they need to achieve the best possible recovery from the symptoms that brought them to his clinic and to give them the tools that they needed to prevent further injury.  Emphasis on proper body mechanics, exercise and moving were key to these tools.

Tune In and Get Physical!