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March Twisdale

Prose, Poetry & Purpose is approaching its 10th Year Anniversary in 2024. It’s been a fabulous decade with incredible authors and creatives joining me to share how they hope to inspire positive social change, one reader and one listener at a time. We’ve run the gamut from poetry to politics, fantasy to science fiction, children’s books to collegiate explorations of deep topics, popular mass fiction to gritty, unapologetic non-fiction, and even Native American storytelling! Every interview is worth a listen, because all of my guests write about enduring themes and a good story never becomes outdated. To browse them all, go to


Makana’s music accompanies my interviews
Described as “dazzling” by the New York Times, Makana is an internationally acclaimed guitarist, singer, and composer who is widely known for lending his musical talent for social change. In 2011, at the apex of the “Occupy” movement, Makana’s song We Are the Many went viral on YouTube garnering more than half a million views and was coined the “Occupy Anthem” by Rolling Stone Magazine. On the global scene, Makana’s captivating and wide-ranging performance style has led him to share the stage with Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson, open for music legends Sting, Carlos Santana and Elvis Costello, and perform in venues ranging from Asian and European opera houses to The White House.