Prose, Poetry and Purpose – Lani Forbes

February 10th, 2022 by March Twisdale

Lani Forbes, Author of The Age of the Seventh Sun Trilogy
Lani Forbes is on my mind, and not just for her writing. She is perhaps one of the most positive, realistic, grounded and upbeat people I’ve met in a long time…and she was diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer the day after her baby was born. It is my hope that you will mark Lani’s interview on your calendar and tune in.
Lani’s fictional world is almost as incredible as her own story, and as it delves deeply into the oft-ignored history of humankind on this side of the planet…long, long before Queen Isabella set her sights on plunder and New World gold…her novels are more than simply an exciting read. They lend color to the world we live in by filling in the pieces of our own puzzle that have been left blank by those who did not value diversity and truth.