Broadway Baby



Hi! I’m Pamela Schubert. For your Broadway show music fix, I am hosting BROADWAY BABY. Along with Carolin Turner, my invaluable computer wiz, we present two hours of well- known and not so well-known Broadway musicals on KVSH.

I grew up in Brooklyn NY, and my mom took me and my sister to the theater from as early as I can remember. I grew up on Broadway musicals. By Jr. High School (and on through H.S.) my friends and I went to the ‘Great White Way’ on our own to see musicals or straight plays as frequently as possible. I am a Broadway snob: The movie version is never as good. So I play original cast recordings, some my own old records or the cd version.

I have lived on Vashon with my family since 1979. Some know me as a letter-carrier (now retired), a potter, a jeweler, a seller of rail-road ties (Blue Crane Studios).  One of the many activities that I do, is to play old 78 records from WW1 on through the fifties. If you need a new home for your old 78’s contact me at The Care Center.

Broadway Baby airs Sunday at 4pm.