Prose, Poetry & Purpose – Marissa Meyer

November 2nd, 2021 by March Twisdale

Author of Gilded, The Lunar Chronicles, Heartless, Instant Karma & more

In our far-flung world of internet crafted communities, it can sometimes be a surprise and a delight to find we are neighbors! Join me on Prose, Poetry & Purpose at 1pm on Tuesday to hear all about Marissa Meyer’s life, family and passions…as she calls in from merely a few dozen miles away! A Tacoma native, it was a joy and pleasure to have her on the show and you will have a hard time turning off the radio, so clear your schedule if you can, get that pot of tea or mug of coffee ready to go…or, if life interferes, catch Marissa’s interview anyday, anytime at

I, March, grew up with several childhood storybooks filled with traditional European fairy tales. The artwork, in particular, was deeply impactful and when I lost my childhood copy and my sons were born, I went looking for another copy with the same illustrators and I found it at a rare & used bookshop in Seattle. If you have a favorite collection of stories from your childhood that you’d recommend to new parents of today, visit my website and send me a message with title, author and illustrator: