The 1918 Influenza Pandemic resulted in a national “amnesia” that erased the painful memories so many Americans “held in their hearts”, and suffered “privately, and often silently.”  We have the opportunity to ensure that this COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 is not forgotten and that the suffering it engenders is not carried privately and silently. Presented […]

CO2 Is Rising Fast, Professor Hansson Explains

September 30th, 2019 - Posted in

Synopsis: In a short interview with VOV Climate Watch, Professor H.C. Hansson at Stockholm University sends an important message on Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to the people of Vashon Producer:  Mark Hickling Runtime: 8 min Genre:  Documentary

Greg Wessel and the Stockholm Summit

July 23rd, 2019 - Posted in

Travel to Stockholm with Vashon geologist Greg Wessel to meet international geoscientists grappling with climate change. Synopsis:  Follow Vashon Island geologist Greg Wessel as he travels to Stockholm, Sweden, for the first-ever Geoscience & Society Summit — a meeting he conceived and has been working on for years.  Up-close interviews reveal top concerns of international geoscientists […]

The last in the 2016-17 Vashon Center for the Arts Science Lecture Series – a talk by David Montgomery and Anne Bikle. A riveting exploration of how microbes are transforming the way we see nature and ourselves―and could revolutionize agriculture and medicine. Prepare to set aside what you think you know about yourself and microbes. Good health―for […]

Aquifers and Inner Lives with Mary Bruno Sunday, January 22 at Vashon Center for the Arts. Thirty percent of the planet’s fresh water resides underground. The world’s aquifers, which supply fresh water to hundreds of millions of people, are being drained at an alarming rate, according to recent satellite data from NASA. This talk explores the […]

Forensics, Organized Crime and the Illegal Ivory Trade with Dr. Samuel K. Wasser.