COVID Safety Matters Now More than Ever

December 16th, 2021 - Posted in Alerts, Uncategorized

A Special Appeal from Your Vashon COVID Response Team
Nobody knows it better than us. It takes special people to stay safe in these pandemic times. We acknowledge you, Vashon, for an incredible community effort. Thank you for working together as families and neighbors to keep us all safe. You have made Vashon a bright spot of COVID safety in our region.

We ask you now to keep it that way and dig deep to deal with a new wave of COVID concerns. Unfortunately, that wave has been building just as families gather for annual celebrations of their traditions and cultures.
The outbreak at Vashon High School emphasizes the need for action. Ten students have been infected so far and an estimated 225 high school students — about half the school — have been exposed.
Omicron has arrived and it spreads twice as fast as previous COVID variants. Cases have been identified in King County. Based on certain markers on PCR tests, half of our high school cases are highly likely to be Omicron, pending confirmation with gene sequencing.

Even before Omicron, the still-dominant Delta variant sent case counts up in King County over the last few weeks — 35% increase since Thanksgiving. Delta and Omicron combined mean the risks are high, especially for seniors and those with compromised immunity. Holiday feasts and parties demand extra care for family safety. We know you can stay safe by taking some easy, basic steps. Get your most important protection by getting vaccinated and getting your booster shot. Just this week, the CDC concluded that three shots of Pfizer or Moderna will protect you against Omicron. Limit the size of gatherings. Mask. Wash hands. Keep your distance. Test if you have any symptoms. Do home rapid tests immediately before gathering.

Dr. Clayton Olney, Co-Coordinator, Vashon Medical Reserve Corps Dr. Jim Bristow, Co-Coordinator, Vashon Medical Reserve Corps Dr. Zach Miller, Vashon Medical Reserve Corps Dr. Ina Oppliger, Vashon Medical Reserve Corps Dr. Lydia Aguilar, Vashon Medical Reserve Corps Vicky de Monterey Richoux, President, VashonBePrepared Rick Wallace, Manager, Vashon Emergency Operations Center