Bruce & Bob Ride the Divide – Episode 10 – Still Pushing

October 2nd, 2022 by Jeff Hoyt

After an 11-day gap between conversations, Jeff Hoyt & Bob Horsley (back home on Vashon after leaving the ride early) catch up with Bruce Morser & (King) Harald in Northern New Mexico. Bruce was slowed recently by his own medical challenges but the guys got to recuperate in the mountain home of Vashon friends Sue Trevathan & Jim Bazemore in Platoro, Colorado. Then it was back on the trail for some uniquely “American” experiences for their Norwegian friend Harald. 

Vashon friends Sue & Jim hosted Bruce & Harald for three nights while Bruce recuperated from a waterborne illness.

Leaving Platoro, headed for New Mexico.

Rainbow at the border between CO and NM.

Bo Temple: Modern-day cowpoke.