Bruce & Bob Ride the Divide – Episode 4 – Square Potatoes

August 22nd, 2022 by Jeff Hoyt

Bruce Morser painted a few kayaks on the shore of Holland Lake.


Bob Horsley captures the vibe of The Llama Ranch, where the guys finally got to sleep indoors for a couple of days.

Morser & Horsley check in this week from the east side of the Continental Divide somewhere in Montana. They will continue to experience the vast differences in terrain and scenery that come from multiple crossings of the Divide. This week, they talk about the challenges of riding gravel bikes on difficult surfaces, how they’re avoiding any unpleasant encounters with bears, and they step in as temporary “hospitality managers” at the ranch where they’re staying for a couple of days. Finally, the episode page displays a couple of their early paintings from the trail.