Heart of Vashon ~ Telling Our Story

February 3rd, 2016 by Vashon Islanders

Performed January 3, 2016 at the Blue Heron Arts Center

Shirley Ferris and Mary G.L. Shackelford, manuscript/project coordinators
Michael Barker, director
Mary G.L. Shackelford, producer

Ensemble Cast of Readers
Anthony Winkler
Bill Wood
Ellie Otto
Freja Holmes
Gregorio Chavez
Jane Valencia
Jennifer Hawke
Lily Robinthal
Lynn Carrigan
Morgan Sennott
Michael Shook
Natalia Perez
Shirley Ferris
Steve Jones

Kate MacLeod, To Call The Island Home
Kristina Turner, Salmon Song arranged by Jane Valencia with Buffalo Heart drum

Production, Props and Backstage
Dan Cummings, lights
Elise Morrill, lightboard operator
Amy Wolff, front of house
Linda Mather, kid wrangler
Richard Rogers, signs
Claire Bronson, animals
Peter Ray, videographer
Ray Pfortner, Orca protest photo
Irene Otis, Heart of Vashon print

Peter Ray

Vashon Allied Arts, Voice of Vashon, All Island Forum, Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Association


Many threads weave the tapestry of Island life. An ensemble cast of readers relate stories about Vashon then and now.

What is the spirit of this place? In what way is the Island your sanctuary? What does living on Vashon mean to you? How do you experience community? Where do you find your deepest Island identity? What do you love most about Island life?

We believe in the power of telling our stories, of expressing what we hold dear in our lives as Vashon Islanders. Sharing stories builds, shapes, defines and creates community. Stories that illuminate the spirit of this place, stories that speak to our sense of identity and connection.

Over 150 Islanders submitted their stories and poems. From what was submitted, a script was created to celebrate the spirit and character of this place we know as Vashon.

All stories were read and will be archived at Vashon-Maury Heritage Museum.