Heritage Museum fundraiser starring Jeff Hoyt!

April 14th, 2024 by Jeff Hoyt

Hi, it’s me, Jeff Hoyt. You know me, because I’m so often visible in my role of all-purpose emcee for various Island events, shows, games, parties, etc. Sometimes I’m funny, sometimes not so much. But I want to tell you about my newest gig because, well, just because it’s so special. In the first place, it’s for the benefit of one of the Island’s best places and also maybe one of its least prominent. I’m talking about the Vashon Heritage Museum, where you could probably spend a week without exhausting the fascinating history of the Island we live on. The Heritage Museum is having a fund-raising Gala on Saturday, April 27 at the O Space. The family-style dinner, catered by Thyme Well Spent for every possible taste and diet will be accompanied by complementary wine poured all evening. I have the happy task of teaming up with Collections Experts Bruce Haulman, Mike Sudduth and LaurieTucker for “50 Photos from ‘50’s Vashon” a light-hearted presentation of photos and news of Vashon circa 1950. The happy cap on the evening will be a live performance by the Dusty ‘45’s, led by Bill Joe Huels, the award-winning musician who portrayed Buddy Holly in the 2021 VCA Production. Tom Langland and Sue Hardy have fixed up the place so that you’ll feel like you stepped into a 50’s soda shop when you come in the door.