The Anatomy of Home by Will North

June 28th, 2022 by Jeff Hoyt


Farewell Will

Island novelist and occasional Beachcomber humor columnist Will North died recently after a long bout with cancer. At the height of the pandemic, while Will was between rounds of chemo, he sat in on the Morning Scramble with Jeff Hoyt to talk about his long-form essay “The Anatomy of Home.” The piece serves as Will’s final love letter to the island, as he breaks down the notion of “home” into seven component parts and explains how Vashon so perfectly checks each of the boxes. After some initial conversation, Jeff Hoyt narrates “The Anatomy of Home” with musical contributions from a host of artists.

“The Anatomy of Home”
What is “home?” Is it a place? Or a state of mind? Here, Jeff narrates an essay written by Island novelist Will North called 
“The Anatomy of Home.” It’s the result of a long quest Will embarked on to figure out what “home” means and break it down into its component parts. Turns out there are also a lot of songs about home and you’ll hear plenty of them along the way as Jeff’s reading of Will’s essay spools out over the better part of a couple hours.