Jeff Hoyt On VoV Alerts

December 31st, 2021 by VoV Alerts

Another year of the pandemic, another year of Vashonites coming together to support each other, to lift each other up. We see and hear it every day here at Voice of Vashon – shows of dedication, shows of sharing our unique history, dance parties and Subaru counts, Spanish shows and blues shows. Strawberry festivals, July 4th parades, Lip Syncs and fun-making. And of course, emergency alerts that keep our community safe and informed with accurate information straight to your inbox.  

We send a hearty thank you to Jeff Hoyt, our a long time program manager, who has been paramount to our varied programming, nurturing new hosts and their ideas, helping out any way he can – including addressing envelopes for our Old Man Winter campaign! 

Thank you Vashon for supporting your neighbors, friends and community. For supporting the Voice of Vashon.